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Mostrando entradas de septiembre, 2020

Poema. Orrery.

orrery here comes the sun, the moon with the high waves, those are the planets, -only one, fragile, warm, hold the secret of the stars- these rings, circular paths, offer the time measure -only that- and the sideral dust keep the secret of the precious atque breuis human life look, child, we are like a punctus between the big marbles colored with harmony by the hand of god look, little son, our father smiles, he keeps static the vertical axis of celestial maps look, brothers, the horizon is ours, the key of our days, the tone of our hearts, the bars and the notes of our own lives are being written in this time, in this exact moment our hearts allow us to feel -between day and night, among years and centuries- how god is making the history and dreaming our stories, how the void has been defeated with few letters sparsed between several alphabets we are, -all we are- letters, parts of the lost name of god which the planets, the sun, the comets, the moon, the stars, reads on the s